How to add Apple Pay and Google Wallet on Your Phone

In recent times, the popularity of making payments with your phone has skyrocketed. Whether you're using an Android or iPhone and have a bank account, you're equipped to pay with a simple tap.

Mobile payments operate using Near Field Communication (NFC), the same technology used for pairing or sharing files between devices. Google and Apple employ different methods for storing your financial information. If you're curious about the details, a comparison of Google Wallet versus Apple Pay is available.

Regarding safety, while no system is entirely foolproof, mobile payments are generally as secure as or safer than using physical cards or carrying cash. Now, let's delve into setting up these payment methods, which is a straightforward process.

Setting up Apple Pay

Navigate to "Passbook & Apple Pay" in your iPhone or iPad settings.

Add a credit or debit card, either from your iTunes account or a new one.

Agree to terms and conditions and provide necessary security information.

Once a card is added, it will appear under the "Cards" section, where you can manage details and set a default card.

To use Apple Pay, tap your iOS device on a payment terminal while using Touch ID for authentication.

Setting up Google Wallet

Locate Google Wallet in your device's app launcher or download it from the Play Store if necessary.

Set up a 4-digit PIN for Wallet access and transactions.

Proceed to set up tap and pay by adding a credit card and accepting terms.

Once set up, you can access tap and pay by unlocking your phone and tapping it on a compatible terminal.

Google Wallet's main app screen offers various features like sending money, requesting money, and transferring funds to your bank.

Remember, if you use a PIN to unlock your phone, ensure it differs from your Google Wallet PIN for added security.

With these steps completed, you're now ready to embrace the convenience of mobile payments. Just unlock your phone and tap to pay when you encounter a compatible payment terminal. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our discussion forum.

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