How to Create a wallet pass?

  1. Create cards by customizing forms where you can modify fields such as card title, subheader, hero image, and background color.
  2. Begin with a pre-existing template for a quick start and make further edits to suit your preferences.
  3. Easily switch between Google and Apple card views to observe the card creation process on both platforms.
  4. Flip the card to view and edit the back side as needed.




How to share a wallet pass?

  1. Access the QR code by clicking on the QR icon, serving as a link to the wallet pass that customers can conveniently scan.
  2. Utilize the edit icon to modify any fields even after the pass has been created, providing flexibility for adjustments.
  3. Preview the created pass by clicking on the eye button. On Apple devices, it will prompt to download the PK pass file for Apple cards, while on other devices, it will prompt to save the Google card.
  4. Click on the copy icon to copy the link to the wallet pass, enabling easy distribution to customers.




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