Differences between Apple and Google wallet

When enabling the pass version for Google Wallet using AddToWallet, it involves transferring data to Google servers, so it must be enabled when creating the template.

Although Apple Wallet and Google Wallet passe’s share similarities, there are notable differences both in design and technical aspects. Here's an overview of the key variances:

Adoption Rate: Apple Wallet is a native app on all iOS devices, while Google Wallet needs to be downloaded separately on most Android devices. However, it's seamlessly integrated with users' Google accounts, facilitating pass handling.

Storage Location: Google Wallet passes are stored in users' Google accounts, ensuring synchronisation across devices.

Structure: Apple Wallet passes have a front and back, with the front being static and the back allowing scrolling. Google Wallet passes lack a back but support scrolling. The most crucial data is displayed on top, akin to the front of Apple Wallet passes.

Text Content: The back fields on Apple Wallet passes can contain unlimited text, while on Google Wallet passes, text is cropped and visible only upon user interaction.

Links:Apple Wallet permits linking to various content types, while Google Wallet uses special link fields, restricting clickable links in text. AddToWallet provides special link fields compatible with both Apple and Google Wallet passes.

Logo: Google Wallet passes have a distinct logo format—square and rounded—requiring a minimum size of 660x660 pixels with a 15% margin to prevent cropping.

Location-Based Features:Both support location-based notifications with GPS coordinates. Apple Wallet allows custom messages near specified locations, unlike Google Wallet which lacks this customization option.

Beacons:Apple Wallet supports iBeacons, but Google Wallet doesn't currently support beacon-based notifications.

Personalized and Dynamic Content: Both Apple and Google Wallet passes support personalization and updates.

Barcodes:Both versions support 1D and 2D barcodes.

Push Notifications: Changes to Apple Wallet passes trigger push notifications on users' lock screens. Google Wallet passes are updated accordingly but lack push notification alerts for changes.

When incorporating GPS coordinates, push notifications are displayed on both Apple and Google Wallet passes.

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